Measuring technology


The intelligent basis for your plant monitoring – to keep you up-to-date on what is happening in your solar park.

rpSense is of modular design, for flexible use, and can capture and evaluate data at every point of your PV plant. rpSense measuring technology records analog and digital signals and displays these via data management. This allows problems to be detected before they escalate, i.e. by

  • Access control (door contacts, access rights to the energy park)
  • Temperature and filter monitoring, air pressure control (inverter building, transformer station)
  • Surge protection

We already recommend detailed plant monitoring at the line-to-line current level. rpSense is the right intelligent measuring technology for this job and offers many unique advantages.

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rpSense current measuring module

Module for line-to-line current measurement with a maximum measuring deviation of <1.5 % FS. The modular design enables extension of up to 28 lines on a single master module. For application-typical stationary use in industrial applications, such as: rotary current and servo drives, generators, inverters for direct current drives, battery-operated applications, high performance switching power supplies, power supply for welding units, uninterrupted power supply (UPS).

rpSense master module

The rpSense master module is the centrepiece and communication interface of rpSense measuring technology. It captures and collects incoming data and transmits these to the data collection system (i.e. CCLog).

rpSense voltage measuring module

Module for measuring voltages of the PV modules of the system up to 1000 V DC.

rpSense connect 2a2d

For connecting analog and digital sensors, for example:
irradiation sensors/pyranometers, transformer temperature, room temperature, door contacts, surge protection remote signalling, switching positions, protection triggers and much more.

rpSense connect 8d

For connecting digital sensors, for example:
ripple control receivers, ventilation monitoring, surge protection remote signalling, switching positions, protection triggers and much more.