Plant monitoring


The professional power-station management system for solar parks.

This intuitively driven software is simple to operate. Detailed, graphically prepared information on the string currents (when sensors are installed), dc-ac converter capacities, feed voltages, etc., can assist in finding the problem situation quickly. Numerous standardized text modules in rpView enable communication with servicing and maintenance specialists - foreign languages, no problem. Perhaps you need to consult a specialist abroad for advice on a certain problem situation? Easy to do with rpView. Each user can use the language interface of his choice. rpView takes care of communications for a better understanding between the parties.


  • Improved reaction times
  • Earning optimized operational management
  • High availability through fast fault detection and rectification
  • Traceable actions backed-up by concise documentation
  • Clear measurement data administration
  • Safety through professional power station management
  • Predictable long-term fees
  • Easy handling, informative structures
  • Flexibly designed views and power station overviews
  • At a glance: consolidated illustrations of all power stations and data
  • Optimized processes with the ticketing system
  • Rapid response, understandable procedures
  • Reliable, meaningful quarterly reports based on detailed monthly reporting
  • Web-based control room facility
  • Real-time access to all data
  • Clear graphs
  • Meaningful illustrations
  • Consolidated data
  • Fault recognition
  • Diagnosis
  • Documentation
  • Ticketing system
  • Service planning
  • Accessible via mobile devices